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I am a senior ICT solution architect, project manager, engineer, designer, innovation driver, motivator, leader, general manager and owner of the ifs³ Consulting+Engineering and the actually focused smart bike innovations for flitzer.bike with parts, services & solutions.

ifs3.comifs³ Consulting+Engineering is a Swiss startup and focused on innovation on ICT & IoT cloud solutions, designs and architectures, combined with professional engineering and industrial designs, enabling more innovations for systems, services & solutions.


flitzer.bike is located in Zürich Switzerland and assemble, offer and maintain nice, fast, light & easy to use smart bikes, with special engineered and designed parts plus useful tools combined with clever support  and services.

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Lori Patrik

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Going outside, see, explore, capture and analyse interesting nature structures, solving complex problems with quite simple, but amazing very clever solutions; adapt and combine them with some physics & math, transform it in smart short algorithms to create and design new useful parts for all our life, is just a highly fascinating process.

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Let’s use 100% renewable energy!

Our planet with all its nature, creating surprisingly complex life and forms; amazing different colours shining brightly and light generate all various of shades.


Nature is just astonishing and WE ALL should take care about!

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